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Thursday, August 2, 2012


This exhibition was first installed at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London when I was living in New York and I was gutted to miss it. So of course, I was delighted when I saw that it is now installed at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery in Birmingham where I'm currently staying, and it was a colourful departure from the torrential rain on the day I visited.

The exhibition provides an overview of the printing and weaving styles used in African textiles as well as the distinctions between certain regions and tribes.
African style is particularly topical with tribal prints being one of the biggest summer trends (not for the first time), global fashion houses such as Burberry featuring the prints in their collection and labels like Stella Jean and Jewel By Lisa are gaining prominence with modern, coveted collections.

Enter Style Africa

Central exhibit

Nigerian printed

Nigerian printed

Luxury woven

Skirt & Jacket

 Style Africa is showing until 2nd September 2012 and while you're there, check out the restrospective celebrating 50 years of Jamaican Independence  Jamaica 50 - a good time to go while the Jamaican Olympic Team are based in Birmingham for London 2012!

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