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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


From a place called nowhere...


The hiatus has been far too long and I apologise for the empty but necassary space as I attended to other pressing projects and had a long re-think about what I wanted Mandla to be, do and accomplish.

I initially started Mandla - The Power of style as a way for me to explore high fashion off the beaten track, and highlight the vast cultural inspiration that often feeds mainstream collections. As an enthusiatic and empowered newbie to blogging, I have buzzed with creative possibilities and would have willingly combusted with as many as I could, but I didn't want my blog to just focus on commercial luxury that is not obtainable to everyone or bore you with my personal style - you may not even care! 

However, I know that style is more diverse than the empirical fashion houses of Paris, London, Milan and New York. 
With new economies emerging and the globalisation of many cultures, I hope to discover and share style that has impact and the power to shape a variety of tastes.

The new Mandla will have regular weekly features:

Power Trip...come fly with me!
4 Pillars of Style...who and what is holding their own?
Power Source...unique places of reference in Mandla's little black book.
Pieces of Me...just me...